Thursday, February 10, 2011

Is Diet Soda Unhealthy, & Even Harmful?

A study shows that people who drank diet sodas daily had a 61% increased risk of cardiovascular mishaps compared to those who had drank no soda.  This study shows this risk even when factoring in smoking, physical activity, and alcohol consumption, and calories consumed each day.

"This study suggests that diet soda is not an optimal substitute for sugar-sweetened beverages, and may be associated with a greater risk of stroke,"Hannah Gardener of the University of Miami and her colleagues reported at the conference.

"But the questionnaire-based study garnered criticism by experts in diet, nutrition and vascular disease."
"This study has major flaws and should not change anyone's diet soda consumption," said ABC News Chief Health and Medical Editor Dr. Richard Besser.  It has been pointed out that many people who drink  diet sodas also have poor dietary habits as well.  

It looks like this study is flawed.  I think most of us already knew that it is much healthier to drink water and other juices rather than diet or regular sodas.  As for me, I still drink regular sodas but in the past 8 months I have added drinking water to my diet on a daily basis.  Its sad but I do have to say I became partial to drinking sodas (yes, maybe even slightly addicted) because in high school we had a snack break session where we could buy all sorts of candy, other goodies, and sodas to benefit the juniors in planning for prom.  I have been hooked onto sodas ever since.  

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