Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tried Having a Discussion With a Pro-Homosexual "Marriage" Advocate on Youtube; Apparently Expressing a Different Point of View Wasn't an Option

I decided to do the unthinkable, have a meaningful conversation on gay "marriage" on SuchIsLifeVideos Youtube channel.  The person and other commenters were pro-gay "marriage" and I am for traditional marriage and against what liberals call gay "marriage".  I posted two comments in response to their video showing Rick Santorum answering a question on gays and the issue of gay marriage.  They called him bigoted just because he is against gay "marriage".

The Left is oh so tolerant. NOT!!!  Many can't even handle a debate so they censor and shut down the discussion just like they did on the Youtube channel SuchIsLifeVideos.  The I tried to respond to another comment but then I got this message:

 They blocked me because I challenged their views.  I am @Thomist36 on Youtube.  Since they blocked me you aren't able to see my original comments.  Here is a paraphrasing (pretty close to being exact if not actually being exact) of what I said:

Is it possible for two gays to procreate naturally or even be open to procreating naturally? Traditional marriage has been around for 2000 years. You are the ones who are perverting the meaning of marriage.

Then I said....  So, anyone who has a different point of view or disagrees with you is a bigot?

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