Saturday, October 22, 2011

Back from hospital and will be taking it easy

I had surgery on Monday and then on Thursday I started to have bleeding problems so I was admitted into the hospital on Thursday evening.  All the doctors, nurses and staff were so nice and treated me very well.  Thank goodness they didn't find anything that was seriously medically wrong with me so they let me go home yesterday evening.  Now I know that my endometriosis was only part of the problem and that gastro intestinal issues is the other part of the problem too.  At least I only have about a quarter the amount of pain that I did before my surgery.  If I didn't have surgery I don't think that my other medical issue would have flared up as it did and it may have gone undetected for who knows how long so I really do think that how this all happened is a blessing in disguise. I definitely think that this was a God thing.  I am going to be relaxing and taking it easy for at least today.

Here are a few songs. Enjoy!

Have a wonderful and blessed weekend my friends.

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