Sunday, December 19, 2010

EAGLE FREEDOM LINKS -- Christmas Style -- 12-19-10

As I was searching across the internet for Christmas pics of eagles or anything with relation to Christmas and eagles I found this video which I think you will enjoy. It's cute and inspirational.

Amusing Bunni's Musings brings us some Christmas help.

Yankee Phil asks why the pat downs if they keep failing?

Woodsterman Too shows us the twelve days of winter.

American Perspective informs us that Bethlehem tourism is up.

Goomba News Network posts American thermidor.

A Catholic View tells us about a great response to Barbara Walters' ignorance.

A Patriotic Rottweiler asks where is 9 trillion of our taxpayer money?

A Western Heart posts on the red cross banning Christmas.

Allied Liberty posts on Obama fundamentally transforming the golf rule book.

Always On Watch has posted a Christmas musical interlude.

America! Oh How We'll Miss You! shows us a politician admitting that government is the problem.

Emerging Corruption posts how dems slip bringing terrorists to US Prisons in defense bill.

Barking Spider shows us a Lord Monckton interview with Alex Jones.

Woman Honor Thyself posts on how women dress in the workplace.

WDTPRS shows us a video on Marxist nuns and has a poll on the subject.

Virtual Mirage asks will rule 5 destroy Fox News?

Trestin Meacham tells us another reason why socialism fails.

BBCW shows us the American Dream trailer.

Beers, Bicycles posts on the next president of the United States?

Big Blue Wave shows us Pro-life art.

Bluepitbull posts no good deed goes unpunished in the modern world.

TOTUS posts that Harry Reid suffers defeat.

Theblogprof  posted members of Obama's debt panel: government caused financial crisis.

The Wisdom of Soloman asks Why can't we be more like socialist Europe?

The Right Guy posts on Big sis, the Fed, and Wikileaks: What should we be afraid of?

Bread Upon the Waters posted a song called, I sure do like those Christmas cookies, babe.

Conservative Perspective posted a song called, I believe in father Christmas.

Conservative Hideout has a post on illegal immigrants and controlling our borders.

Conservative Scalawag posts about an 11- year old defends home.

Creative Minority Report shows us the digital story of the nativity.  

The watcher says Yes, there is hope.

The Malcontent posts on Santa Claus being given the axe.

The Guy in the Window gives us this update: South Korea postpones exercises.

The Conservative Lady posts Condi Rice, you go girl!

The Catholic Knight shows about the first approved Marian apparition in the U.S.A.

The Blog asked the question Got Christ?

DRScoundrels posted on Internet freedom- exit stage LEFT.

DeanO posts on the ACLU's not-so-holy Trinity.

Eye of Polyphemus posts on the manufactured victimization of Bradley Manning.

Fuzzy Logic posted Deja Vu: duck and cover "new" policy for nuclear attack.

Greg Mankiw posted some econ books for young children.

Hack Wilson posted on Al Sharpton wanting totalitarian control over the internet.

Hyphenated-American says some things never change...

Innominatus posts Barry satisfying meal.

The Audacity of Logic posts on the Bill of Rights.

Talk Wisdom posts on a genuine, brave American hero.

STOP MARXISM shows Austrian MP Ewald Stadler who fights radical Islamic terrorists.  

Standing on my Head posts on Apologia.

Solid Rock or Sinking Sand posts on playing the hate card.

Self Evident Truths posts disrespect: a modern plague of selfishness.

Right Wing Extreme posts the Joke of the week.

JimMcMahon Posts Ooh-Rah Marine.

Jo-Joe Politico shows us nice people, those Muslims.

Just a Conservative Girl posts on Hooters, kids, and parental choice.

Just An Artist shows us a doggie Christmas surprise.

Left Coast Rebel posts DREAM mightmare shot down in congress.

Let The Truth Be Known wishes everyone a Merry Christmas.

Lone Star Parson posts on Dawkins - the peerless stinker.

Reaganite Republican posts Reagan's speech at the 1976 Republican convention.

Rational Nation USA shows us a description of the state of politics... in 2010

Randy's Roundtable posts Faith.

Random Musings by Cliff shows us an interviews with SS Officer Dr, Bernhard Frank.

QUICKWIT asks How much to run a school?

Proof Positive gives us Quote du jour.

Sentry Journal is John Carey and Right Hand Man's new site.  It looks great!

Classic Liberal posted on inflation in history.

Pedaling Fast & Trying to Keep Up posted Don't tread on me - Utah Style.

Pathetically Incorrect has the perfect solution to the body scanners.

Obama Cartoons posted Wikileaks: treason or patriotism

No Sheeples Here posted Somthin' 4 Mutton" Christmas began in the heart of God.

Political Realities posted on Earmarks and Pork & asked one and the same or not?

Mind Numbed Robot posted brings us Musical rule 5: Fiona Apple.  

The Other McCain asks Julian Assange, Victim?

Musings of a Vast Right-Winger posts ten democrats we're happy to see defeated.

My Daily Trek says Michelle Obama doesn't believe parents are capable.

My Thoughts on Freedom asks Do you hate the State?

Nikon Sniper welcomes Javey Elizabeth Baird.

Maggie's Notebook posts on the Feds forcing a bank to remove crosses and bible verse. 

Feed Your ADHD posts great satire McConnell Killed by rogue vegetables. 

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