Monday, December 27, 2010

On Homosexuality and the Repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell: Tolerance or Subversion?

This morning I read an article by Star Parker called Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Repeal a Mistake and this spurred some thoughts of mine on the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell  and homosexuality in general also. With the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell our moral compass reaches a new low,  the Left has succeeded in accelerating the moral decay of this country, with removing religious moral absolutes from our culture as to say that there is no right way to engage in sexual relations.  What’s next?  Is Congress going to declare that children having sexual relations with adults is okay?  Or that persons engaging in sexual relations with animals because it makes them feel good is acceptable also?  Well, the “main stream” of America would have us believe that if something feels good to a person that it is acceptable.  Does the same go for a person who went on a robbing spree because this makes them feel good and they have mommy or daddy issues society should accept this as the norm?  This is how the slippery slope starts.  Where does this slippery slope end with these immoral liberals?  This Congress has given its brand of approval to a socially disordered act - homosexual acts.   These people can’t seem to grasp the concept of separating the person from the act.  Leftists think that if you label the act as disordered or bad that you are labeling the person as disordered or bad.   Do these people think the same of alcoholics?  Are we supposed to accept the lifestyle of alcoholics just to avoid offending their insensitivities?  Do some life circumstances make some individuals more susceptible to become alcoholics than others?  Is it possible that some life circumstances could cause some individuals to me more susceptible to engaging in homosexual acts than others?   If an  individual is around a drunk and abused by a drunk aren’t they more apt to become an alcoholic also?   If a person is molested by his/her father there could be two reactions depending on the gender of the child who is molested.  If a male is molested by his father the son could think that it was his fault and feel bad because he enjoyed it so later in life because of his being predisposed to homosexual activity he turns to homosexual activity and thinks it to be acceptable.  Remember that the female and male body have different chemical make ups so they will react to this type of trauma differently.  A female child who is molested by her father may feel unclean and  blame herself for what happened against her will and since she feels unclean may perceive all sexual relations between men as wrong or disordered.  This stigmatizes both the female and male.  The woman turns to women for love and guidance the type she should have received from her father,  experiences acceptance and love from other women, chooses to experiment sexually with those women and enjoys it.   It was her choice. She wasn’t forced.  She perceives that to be love because her father engaging in sexual activity with her wasn’t love and she probably thinks its going to be this way for her with all men.  Who could blame her for thinking this after the trauma she experienced?   Instead of giving her/him therapy for healing the mind, body, and soul we are told by our society that these persons’ disordered actions which are in response to other disordered behavior are “acceptable” instead of treating the whole problem.  According to the Left “mainstream” America should treat the subversive as normal.

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