Thursday, July 7, 2011

Eagle Freedom Links July 7, 2011 -- The Traveling Wilburys

America's Watchtower - Asian pollution has halted global warming


Amusing Bunni's Musings - Fantastic News for Your Holiday....Plus Home & Pet Safety Tips 

American Perspective - Gender Apartheid in Iran - Women with no rights 

Atlas Shrugs - Law Enforcement Finally Admits Hezb'allah is Operating in Mexico 

A Conservative Teacher - What the History of the Russian Tsars Can Teach Us 

 A Patriotic Rottweiler - A Nation of Blind, Shortsighted, Incompetent Fools 

A Western Heart - Obama's Misleading Vocabulary 

Acts Of Apostasy - College Democrats Reveal Themselves 

Adrienne's Corner - Evil, Rotten, Capitalist Bastards... and Funniest post on Obama's presser.... 

Allied Liberty News - In Defense Of Marriage 

Always On Watch - Power Perverted Into Tyranny

American Creation - Constitution Quiz 

Another Black Conservative - That's Sarah Palin to you, Sarah Palin trademarks her name 

Barking Spider -The BBC: Middle Class, Multi-Culti, left-wing pricks 

BBCW - Will Obama Drop Biden as the Vice President? 

Beers With Demo - Rejoice...

Big Blue Wave - FCP commends Toronto mayor, condemns homosexual coercion 

Black or White Is A Choice - The Left's Contribution to the Youth of Our Country

Blowing San #1 - VA muzzles praying veterans...

Bluegrass Pundit - Secret Service Will Investigate the Hacking of Fox's Political Twitter Account and Average Stimulus Job Cost Taxpayers $278,000

Bread Upon The Waters - Obama: Fed Gov't should stop "Poking Its Nose Into What States Are Doing"

Catholic Fire - Vatican announces it will unveil secret archives of World War II

Catholic Once Again - John Martignoni's Forty-Two Questions 

Christian Conservative - Obama Isn't Working - Allentown, PA

Cmblake6's Blog - Bill Whittle explains "Turncoat" 

Commentarama - Wisconsin: Union Collapse = Education Reforms 

Common Cents - Rush Limbaugh's July 4th Speech in Joplin, MO

Conservative Hideout - Lessons from Economic Recessions II - The Forgotten Recession of 1920 and And While We Were Celebrating Independence Day... 

Conservatives On Fire - Hows That Income Redistribution Working Out For You?

Conservative Perspective - American Salute - Unsung Heroes 

Creative Minority Report - NY Clerk Refuses To Sign Gay Marriage Docs

Creeping Sharia - Muslims Harass and Bully Christian Preacher at 2011 Arab Fest

DeanO - How to browse securely on public wifi

Don't Tread On Us - Rebellion To Tyrants  and 7 American Problems

DRScoundrels - 2 Minute Video Crushes Obama "Leadership" Claims 

Eye Of Polyphemus - Cameron Diaz 

Faith of the Fathers - Time's Orwellian Story on U.S. Constitution Refuted - Ken Blackwell 

Fleece Me - Greed is a two-way street and Obama's Weekly Address - Socialism and Individualism in the same address 

Fuzzy Logic - The Declaration of Independence 

Generational Dysfunction - The Republic of Brokistan

Global Domination Through Applied Inactivity - The Monday Comics  

Greg Mankiw's Blog - A Good Exam Question

Hack Wilson - Man with HIV rapes 6 month old boy.  Your thoughts? - Freedom Fountain 

Hyphenated-American -- News of the Day - Hyphenated American became a U.S. Citizen 

It Don't Make Sense - Curbing Unions Grows Services 

Jo-Joe Politico - Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death 

Just a Conservative Girl - If This is Feminism, I Say No Thanks - Reporter Stages Her Own Rape To Cure PTSD

Just An Artist - Declaration of Independence Sung 

Left Coast Rebel - A List of Obama's Abuses Straight from the Declaration of Independence 

Let The Truth Be Known - America is Under Threat and Attack From Within 

Lisa Graas - Who Will Win the Catholic Swing Vote? 

Lone Star Parson - Hog Poem 

Lonely is the Nights - Battle Hymn of the Republic 

Maggie's Notebook - News Corp News International and News of the World Implicated in Massive Phone Hackings of Military Families and 7/7 Bombing Victims 

Mind Numbed Robot - Rush Limbaugh Speech July 4, 2011 - Joplin, MO

Motivation Truth - Where You can see :The Undefeated" on July 15th 

Musings Of a Vast Right-Winger - Paul Revere's Ride 

My Daily Trek - Independence Day: Our Christian Heritage

That Mr. G Guy's Blog - Balanced Budget Amendment Will be a Mistake 

The Camp of the Saints - Otto Von Hapsburg, R.I.P.  and When Mark Steyn starts to talk about the break-up of the United States...

The Daley Gator - *Videos* Armless Dudes Play Guitars With Their Feet

The Humble Libertarian - If John McCain Won in 2008, Ron Paul Can Win in 2012: Here's Why

NoOneOfAnyImport - An Opinion On All The Casey Anthony Opinions 

Obama Cartoons - Atlanta teachers get an "F" 

Pathetically Incorrect - Busted!!

Pedaling Fast - Temple, to temple, to temple 

Political Clown Parade - Photoshop of the Day: See Dick Run 

Political Realities - President Obama and the Unions - Separated or Divorced? 

Proof Positive - "Fleebaggers" Funded by Liberal "Nutroots"? I'm Shockled! 

Pundit & Pundette - Resolved: Congress is a Joke 

Quickwit - Union Tactics make local Businessman Sick

Randy's Rountable - Obama and The 14th Amendment

Rational Nation USA - The Looming Crises 

Reaganite Republican - Bachmann Drawing largest crowds of any 2012 Republican candidate in Iowa while pounding Obama like a punching bag

Rightklik - Why the Left's Global Warming Agenda is Wrong

Robbing America - The Dangerous Economic Illiteracy of Our Government

Saber Point - Casey Anthony Acquittal: Biggest Injustice Since O.J. Simpson

Self Evident Truths - The Obama Legacy

Sentry Journal - The Feminist Sword  and Minot Flood: Where We Go From Here...

Stop Marxism - The Best Dear Abby Ever

The Bitter Americans - A Mexican's Thoughts on Immigration 

The Catholic Knight - Our lady Of America - The Immaculate Conception - Pray For Us!

The Last Tradition - Must hear audio: Mark Levin Rips Apart NYT' Thomas Friedman on Israel & Obama

The Liberty Sphere - Progressives planning intense assault on constitution  

The Observatorium - Muslim Outreach 

The Oracular Opinion - Patriotism Is Alive! Hoo-Rah!

The Scottcarp Dream - Affirmative Action Atlanta Schools

The Wyblog - Chris Christie: 5, Planned Parenthood: 0

Theblogprof - Rush Limbaugh: If Casey Anthony's baby was killed in the womb, the media wouldn't care

Todays World News - Obama's Executive Order To Take over Our Heartland for One World Order

TOTUS - Smart Illegals and Dumb Americans or Pancho and "The Lefty"

Three Beers Later... - DOJ Implicated in Fast n' Furious Mexican Gun Scandal

The Audacity of Logic - Happy 4th of July America! 

The Blog - Colorful Characters 

The Born Again Americans - Every Time You Start to Lose Hope Something Like This Comes Along

The Conservative Lady - Budapest & Prague Honor and Thank President Ronald Reagan

The Country Thinker - Our debt problem is worse than our deficit problem 

The Libertarian Patriot - Rand Paul Plans to filibuster debt ceiling talks 

The Malcontent - "If You Voted For Obama in 2008 To prove you're Not a racist, you'll have to vote for someone else in 2012 to prove you're not an idiot"  

The Other McCain - Obama" "Hey, Grandma, There's Still Room for You Under The Bus" 

The Right Guy - Happy Birthday GOP!

Virtual Mirage - Treason - and a new birth of freedom

Warning Signs - There is No First Amendment without a Second Amendment

We The People... - Words of Wisdom from Uncle Ted 

WDTPRS? - A Priest defends true marriage against the promoters of contrary-to-nature unions 

 Wolf Files - "A Time For Choosing" By Ronald Reagan 

Woman Honor Thyself - July 4th!

Woodsterman - Why California is Broke! 

Zilla Of The Resistance - Obama Officially Embraces Muslim Brotherhood, Designates Israel Sponsor of Terrorism 

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