Monday, July 18, 2011

Thank God For The Second Amendment - Now That's How A Gun Is Used!

There was a home invasion at 77 year old Congressman Bosnell's home last Saturday. Both Rep. Leonard Bosnell and his grandson fought the intruder on the congressman's farm in Iowa. His grandson grabbed a shotgun and the intruder fled.  Thank God for our right to bear arms.  Guns save lives.  Thank God everyone is safe and sound.

From The Blaze:

The 77-year-old congressman heard his daughter’s screams, came into the entryway and attempted to disarm the intruder. As they struggled, Boswell’s 22-year-old grandson, Mitchell Brown, got a shotgun from another room. When Mitchell Brown pointed the shotgun at the intruder, the man fled into the fields around the house outside of Lamoni.

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