Monday, August 29, 2011

EAGLE FREEDOM LINKS - Garbage Edition - 8-29-11


American Perspective - Libyan prisoner beheading to "Allahu Akbar" 

America's Watchtower - Rick Perry bills DHS for the costs of detaining illegal aliens in Texas 

Amusing Bunni's Musings - This Little Guy does a better job than...

ARRA News Service - A Tale of Two Recessions 

Atlas Shrugs - Ground Zero Imam Bold-Faced Lies To Advance The Sharia 

It Don't Make Sense - Race Clown Desmond Tutu Proposes a "Piffling" Tax On White People 

A Catholic View - Video: Pius XII and the Jews 

A Conservative Teacher - 2012 Will Be a Battle of Visions?

A Patriotic Nurse - Bloomberg... You can't ban God from Attending the Memorial 

A Western Heart - Social Networking increases risk of teen drug abuse: study 

Acts Of The Apostasy - '56 Rape Victim" Ladies of the World, Don't Abort 

Adrienne's Corner - Top 3 Common Myths Of Capitalism 

Always On Watch - Islamification of France 

Barking Spider - The Truth About the Tottenham Riots

Barracuda Brigade 2012 -  President Bush speaks out on 9/11!!!

BBCW - Science vs. Faith 

Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC - Felonious Munk (Not "Family Friendly")

Beers With Demo - Instavision, capitalism, and morality 

Biblical Conservatism - Set Tax Rates Will Create Jobs, Tax Holidays Will Not 

Big Blue Wave - Pro-Life activist beaten up by police

Black or White Is A Choice - Quotables after all these years

Blog de King Shamus - Leave MLK Alone!

Blowing San #1 - Send your kid to college to become a moronic dingbat  

Blue Collar Philosophy - The Gibson Guitar Raid And The "Obama Haze" Song 

Blue's Blog - Grinding America Down....

Bluegrass Pundit - Gore bashes idea climate change is all about money 

Bonsai From The Right - Hannity vs Former Obama Economic Adviser 

Bread Upon The Waters - Bloomberg bans Clergy from 9/11 Ceremony 

Can We Keep Our Republic? - Virginia Earthquake - Attribution 

Catholic Fire - Priests in China Arrested for not supporting illicit ordination 

Catholic Moms For Santorum - Rick Santorum at CPAC 2011 

Catholic Once Again - How I attended to my mind & soul as I redecorated my kitchen 

Commentarama - Is Warren Buffett a Hypocrite? 

Common Cents - Dick Cheney" "In My Time" 

Conservative Hideout 2.0 - This is what "Democracy" looks like? Progressives attempting to stop a vote on "Amazon Tax"  and Historical Perspective: New England Hurricane of 1938

Conservatives On Fire - Ron Paul Votes Against The Safety Of Our Troops

Conservative Perspective - Note To Self; Don't Die in Wayne County, Michigan 

Creative Minority Report - Greatest Big Brother Evah!!! 

Creeping Sharia - Why did Texas school district remove Remove Rick Perry's Islamic Curriculum?

Cynthia Sees It Right - President Obama's bus tour 

DeanO - Silicon Valley billionaire funding creation of artificial libertarian islands 

Don't Tread On Us - Was Jesus A Socialist? and Myths of Constitutional Government 

Down Under On The Right Side - Union fees used for prostitutes 

Eye Of Polyphemus - Formspring Question #231 - Erickson vs Radke Edition

Faith of the Fathers - More arrests and Bibles seized in Iran  

Generational Dysfunction - Tea Party members confront Obama 

Hack Wilson - Iraq Heating Up - Has MLK Jr's Dream Been Realized? 

Innominatus - Terror Elf Update 

Jo-Joe Politico - Divorce Agreement...

Just A Conservative Girl - Quote of the Day - Paul Krugman Edition 

Just An Artist - Our City Art

Left Coast Rebel - Advocates of Capitalism and Rational Self Interest ... Smith and Rand 

Let The Truth Be Known - A Moment With Our Father Part III Conclusion A Warning To All Christian Churches  

Legal Insurrection - Walker Beat Runners 

Lisa Graas - About Perry's Gardasil Mandate...

Logan's Warning - Anjem Choudary: Muslims are Rising up Across the World, Islam Will Dominate!

Lonely Is The Nights - Need Plenty of Prayers

Maggie's Notebook - Aaron Vaughn Navy Seal: Dad Billy Vaughn - Sheep in High Places May Have Put SEALS in Danger 

Mind Numbed Robot - Must Read Articles on Governor Rick Perry 

Motivation Truth - Governor Palin: Setting the Record Straight: Wrong & Misleading 

Musings of a Vast Right-Winger -- Chabot Censors Town Hall - Police Seize Cameras 

My Daily Trek - Obama Executive Order Creates 'Office Of Diversity and Inclusion' 

Nikon Sniper - Curious Wyoming Ground Squirrel 

NoOneOfAnyImport - Mathematic Proof That We Are Screwed

Obama Cartoons - Obama is going blind 

Patriot's Corner - Defenders of Islam and sharia law(Center for American Progress) shills for Islam and worse

Pedaling Fast - 9-11... Coming Up On 10 Years 

Phoebe's Detention Room - PA. School Wants To Ban Skinny Jeans 

Political Realities - Sarah Palin - Presidential Candidate Or Media Hog? 

Proof Positive - Perry and Barry: "Boys will be boys..."

Pundit & Pundette - The Left Fully Understands 

QUICKWIT - War Is Hell 

Randy's Roundtable - Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi are the same person 

Rational Nation USA - A Story of Alligators and Politicians 

Reaganite Republican - Cheney Exposes Unprincipled Obama Pumper Colin Powell for What He Is 

Right Klik - Karl Rove's Sparkling Brilliance 

Robbing America - Beware of a Liberal Fifth Column - A Conservative Third Party 

Saber Point - Libya: A New Fanatical Islamic State 

Sancte Pater - The Rite 

Self Evident Truths - Herman Cain Responds To Janeane Garofalo on Keith Olbermann's Show

Sentry Journal - Friday Ramblings: Is Sarah Palin Organizing The Conservative Community?  and Judge Andrew Napolitano: The Triumph of Human Freedom 

Standing On My Head - Dawkins' Rage and WYD 

STOP MARXISM - President Bush Saved Region From Gadhafi's WMD

Talk Wisdom - Buffett and Soros - The Lefty Billionaires Ruining America 

That Mr. G Guy's Blog - Paul Krugman, Mad Scientist

The Audacity Of Logic - Is Obama Leaking Details of the Bin Laden Killing to Boost His Approval Ratings?

The Blog - Work More 

The Camp Of The Saints - The Spot-On Quote Of The Day...

The Canadian Sentinel - Ron Paul's Unconstitutional, Unconservative Pork Barreling Record 

The Catholic Knight - Immigration - A Southern Catholic Approach 

The Conservative Lady - Senator Rubio's Speech at The Reagan Library and the Q&A 

The Conservative Pup - Campus Crusade For Christ Removing Christ 

The Country Thinker - Candycare (conclusion) 

The Daley Gator - Early Obama Letter Confirms Inability To Write 

The Empress Is Naked - Liberty is Freedom 

The Last Tradition - Obama's illegal Uncle Onyango Obama arrested; 'Uncle Omar' almost hits cop car, tries to call White House 

The Libertarian Patriot - Video: Gary Johnson on Adam vs The Man With Adam Kokesh 8/18 

The Malcontent - Our First Vacationer Michelle Obama 

The Observatorium - Makes Perfect Sense 

The Oracular Opinion - Stimulus Deja Vu 

The Other McCain - Al Gore: If You Disagree With me About Global Warming ... RAAAAACIST!

The Right Guy - Police Do Nothing When Flash Mob Robs Store 

The Scottcarp Dream - Steubenville Gangster

The Wisdom Of Soloman - Racism

The Wyblog - Bloombergistan Only Has Room For One Religion at Ground Zero

Theblogprof - Video of UCLA Professor: Without Media Bias The Average US State Would Like Texas or Tennessee 

Three Beers Later... - Rick Perry's Immigration Policy... It's A Killer 

TOTUS - West Wing Urinal 

Ubi Petrus, Ibi Ecclesia - Real Presence in the Eucharist #1

Virtual Mirage - Will History Repeat in 2012? 

Warning Signs - GE Stabs the US in the Back 

We The People... - Gun News 

What Does The Prayer Really Say? - 160 million baby girls selectively aborted in Asia and East Europe in last decades

Weasel Zippers - Iran says it "Discreetly" Sent Aid To Our Libyan Rebel Allies 

Why I Am Catholic - Because Love Went To Madrid, and Its Cup Runneth Over 

Wolf Files - It's Official: Democrats Have Left The Planet 

Woman Honor Thyself - Muzlims Persecute Bahais 

Woodsterman - This Just In ... Earthquake Update 

Zilla Of The Resistance - Terrorist Wants To Be Freed From Jail Because Koran Says It's Okay To Kill Us

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