Thursday, September 29, 2011

Is History Repeating Itself? -- First Attack Watch And Now The Federal Reserve Will Be Spying On You

First, the Obama White House launched the campaign website called AttackWatch.Com which asks citizens to spy and snitch on their neighbors, coworkers, those in the blogosphere, and whoever else dares to say anything contrary to the President's thinking or those who expose the Obama White House's insidious lies.  Can I say thought police?  The Feds had even planned an invasion of social media in order to smear enemies of the Regime until "anonymous" obtained leaked documents in March of this year. Now, we have the Federal Reserve who is going on the attack and will be monitoring blogs and anyone who takes issue with the dealings of the Federal Reserve.

From The New American:

The Federal Reserve is seeking contractors to build a tool that will monitor and analyze blogs, news reports, and social-media chatter about the central bank and its policies, with a goal of being able to use “public relations” strategies to counter the growing barrage of negative publicity. But critics quickly added to the institution’s troubled image as the news spread by lambasting the half-baked scheme as “Orwellian” spying and “intimidation.”

The Fed’s “Request for Proposal” explains that the institution needs a platform to “monitor billions of conversations” and “identify and reach out to key bloggers and influencers.” Information collected will be used to measure the effectiveness of the central bank’s “public relations” and “communication strategies” — known in laymen’s terms as propaganda operations.   
“There is need for the Communications Group to be timely and proactively aware of the reactions and opinions expressed by the general public as it relates to the Federal Reserve and its actions on a variety of subjects,” the document states. News outlets, Facebook, Twitter, forums, blogs, YouTube, and other social media platforms will all be targeted.

“A system like this is not cheap,” noted The Economic Collapse Blog, which called the Fed’s plan a “very creepy” part of a disturbing trend. “What the ‘authorities’ want is for us to shut up, sit in our homes and act as if nothing wrong is happening. Meanwhile, they seem determined to watch us more closely than ever.”

The system being sought, which the Fed calls a "Sentiment Analysis And Social Media Monitoring Solution," should be able to gauge the sentiment and tone expressed by the public. And it must be able to gather information from different countries and regions in multiple languages.

“The solution must provide real-time monitoring of relevant conversations,” the Fed demanded, saying it should also be able to offer summaries or overviews of public sentiment on a variety of topics. An “alerting mechanism” that automatically sends out notifications based on a “predefined trigger” must be incorporated in the system, too.

Other demands listed by the central bank include the ability to track the reach and spread of its propaganda, “handle crisis situations,” and identify emerging trends in Fed-related discussions online. The desired system would also be able to differentiate between “influencers versus followers,” and gauge the true impact of specific anti-Fed criticism beyond simply comparing online traffic data generated by a particular source.  

The financial analysis site ZeroHedge, apparently the first media outlet to uncover and expose the scheme, fiercely ridiculed the central bank and its tactics. But it also noted that “the Fed has just entered the counterespionage era and will be monitoring everything written about it anywhere in the world.”

 Thought police, again?

Folks, we are making a difference and it is obvious that the minions of the Left are getting nervous, really nervous.  We need to keep the pressure on and not let Obama's Big tyrannical government intimidate tactics intimidate us.  This is the time for us conservatives to buckle down, expose the progressives' lies, and make sure we elect a conservative to be President, to make Obama the former President of the U.S.  Then we can restore America to her greatness and avoid America becoming like some Third World dictatorship.

CitizenWells posted this video in response to Attack Watch:

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Matt of Conservative Hideout is encouraging us to report ourselves to "Attack Watch" because you know, we are just so guilty of terrible crimes.... 

This type of spying and snitching happened before and during WWII with regards to the Jews. Is history repeating itself?

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