Tuesday, December 20, 2011

This is SICK! - Food and Vaccines Contain Aborted Cells?

~Together Post With Guest Blogger Kevin~ 

Enjoyed a Pepsi lately?  How about some Tropicana orange juice?  Or Gatorade?  Nestle creamer in your coffee?  Dentyne or Trident to freshen your breath, or Certs?  No doubt you believed these to be innocent products and perfectly legitimate, morally irreproachable purchases.  You will feel differently in a moment when you read what I am about to reveal to you.  Many of these products have been flavor tested using fetal tissue, specifically taste receptor cells.  Yes, you heard that right. There are companies using human cells from our innocent unborn babies which have been murdered at the hands of abortionists.  This is SICK, folks.  Our society has become so morally bankrupt it is so horrifying.  As I write this I just got up from watching "The Debt" starring Helen Mirren.  The Nazi doctor in that movie is based on Joseph Mengele, the Butcher of Birkenau.  This hideous use of the body parts of murdered unborn infants reminds me of the sort of monstrous experimentation that Mengele performed.   But this is not a movie.  This is a disturbing reality, and it continues to unfold right before our eyes whenever we see someone drinking a Sierra Mist at a diner or taking a sip from a bottle of Aquafina as they stroll past us, pathetically oblivious to the crime in which they have become unwittingly complicit.  Americans have sunk to a whole new low. How much lower can we sink?

Some of the companies and products include: Lipton, Frito-Lay, Aunt Jemima, Rice-A-Roni, Kraft, and Cadbury.  Some companies even use fetal cells as a product ingredient in vaccines, skin creams, and other items.  I will be boycotting these companies products.  We need to send them a loud and clear message that this methodology for testing products taste is unacceptable.  They are experimenting with unborn babies flesh. What a bunch of amoral psychopaths to think doing this is an acceptable practice.

Many claim that people reporting on this are spreading rumors but even PepsiCo's shareholders have "filed a resolution with the government office, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to demand they stop using fetal cell derived products because it was unnecessary and hurting business." 

For a list of products to avoid like the plague you can look here and here

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