Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Beck: If the Tea Party Supports Gingrich Over Obama 'It Must Be About Race' ; Breitbart Rails Against Beck

First, here are the words from the horse's mouth.

Does Beck have an alter ego or something? One of sensibility and the other of insensibility? This is an outrageous comment!  He is feeding the liberal media. Beck needs to stop giving liberals fodder with such an irresponsible and fallacious comment.  To think that Gingrich believes in progressive policies just as Barack Obama does is preposterous.

One difference between Obama and Gingrich that I can think of right off the bat is Obama signed into law Obamacare and Newt has vowed to repeal Obamacare.

Second, now you can listen to Breitbart as he gives beck a tongue-lashing.  And, deservedly so IMO.

I have to say I am surprised to find out about this feud between Andrew Breitbart and Glenn Beck.  It is sad to see two conservatives having so much animosity toward one another.

I found this spot-on quote from Stacy McCain, the Master of Conservative Bloggery  via the Big Dog Conservative Maestro, Bob, from over at The Camp Of The Saints.

From The Other McCain: 

While I have defended Beck against his critics in the past, his recent antics certainly lend credence to the claims of those critics who call him a "rodeo clown." I perfectly understand his assertion that Gingrich and Obama are different flavors of progressivism, but to say that the only reason Tea Party voters support Gingrich is racism? C’mon: That’s ridiculously irresponsible.
While I am not a model of dispassionate discourse, Beck’s emotionalism makes him a dangerous political ally. It is difficult to distinguish between his principles and his mood.
This comment hits the nail on the head.  

Bob also posted this quote from Andrew Patrick: 

…He has adopted the Garafalo argument, hook line and sinker, for no better reason than to needlessly disparage those who might favor Newt Gingrich for the GOP nomination. Principled conservatives can argue over whether Gingrich is really one of us or not. But to pretend that his proposed policies differ in no significant way from Obama’s is to argue something demonstrably false. Gingrich may not be a Tea Partier; he cannot be an Obama Democrat.
That Beck has so tiresomely elided these differences indicates how erratic a tribune he has become.

Last, I recommend that you go over to Bob's Paradise of Conservative Blogging to see a quote of a scenario on our Founding Father James Otis which is apropos and may shed some light onto the whole Beck fiasco.   Maybe Beck should insert foot into mouth?  

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