Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Adventures in Hiking

Over this past weekend Kevin and I had the opportunity to visit my Mom and Dad in Western Maryland.  I had an absolutely terrific time and was so, so very happy to get to see them since I hadn't been able to see them since Fall of 2010.  One of our long time family friends was visiting also so that was great to see her too.  Both days Kevin and I went hiking with her.  It was both fun and exhilarating.  Needless to say neither Kevin or I had hiked that far in some time.  Here are some pictures from our hike at New Germany State Park in MD.  The first day we ended up walking around 3 miles.  Boy were we hot and a wee bit tired by the end.

This is a pic of the beginning of the trail

Here is a picture of a stream along our route

The second day we hiked to Cascade Falls with my Dad, our friend, and her kiddos. This was a little bit of an adventure since the hiking trail wasn't marked as clearly as it could have been due to the winter weather wear and tear on the signage.  We followed a trail or what we thought was a trail. Then we ended up back on the road. After following the road for a little bit we then found a sign that said Cascade Falls this way, this led us to yet another trail but since the trail wasn't marked very well we ended up running into some rather large size rocks so I began thinking to myself this cannot possibly be the correct way.  Needless to say we had walked a little bit too far and missed the turnoff.  Thankfully we weren't that far off the beaten path.  Here are some pictures from our second hike to Cascade Falls in MD.

The stairs were blocked off for safety concerns but since we were determined to take advantage of the waterfall all of us were very careful in our descent to the bottom.  

We had a great time!! I look forward to hiking again soon. 

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