Monday, May 16, 2011

EAGLE FREEDOM LINKS -- 5-16-11 -- EAGLES Edition


American Perspective -- Sen. Inhofe describes pictures of Osama Bin Laden death photos

Acts of The Apostasy -- Conspiracies and controversies

Adrienne's Corner -- Obama: classless, clueless, and crude...

Allied Liberty News -- Who sets gas prices at the pump?

Always On Watch -- Ummah and Osama Bin Laden 

Amusing Bunni's Musings -- Are You a real man?

Anonymous Political Scientist -- Dr. Drew on Kenneth Thomas, mental health issues, and the famous Ephblog

Another Black Conservative -- Mike Huckabee will not run in 2012

Atlas Shrugs -- Beck announces 'Restoring Courage' rally in Israel this August

It Don't Make Sense - Yet another environmentalist feel-good hoax 

A Conservative Teacher -- Democratic Senate vs. Republican House on gas prices

A Patriotic Rottweiler -- Wikileaks exposes North American integration plot

A Western Heart -- Islamic hospital 

BBCW -- Buy a Chevrolet, Buick, or GM with you Pell grants and Federal student loans

Beers, Bicycles, and VRWC -- It bears repeating

Beer, Guns, and Baseball -- The Phillips Curve is wrong, stupid, and bogus

Big Blue Wave -- Prochoice Fail 

Black or White is a Choice -- Heading back to the Dark Ages?

Blog De King Shamus -- Culture, Islam, and the sting of failure

Blowing San #1 -- The persecution game is on, NOW!!

Bluegrass Pundit -- New NRSC ad: "Hot Air" alternative energy plan

Bread Upon the Waters -- Psalm 113 - Capella Clausura 

Can We Keep Our Republic? -- A dispatch from the post American presidency 

Catholic Fire -- St. Matthias 

Caught Him With a Corndog -- Channeling Samuel L. Jackson 

Christian Conservative -- Steve Bridges as Obama -Comedy 

Christian-With-A-View -- Killing the unborn 

Commentarama -- Teachable moments on black racism

Common Cents -- Growing, growing, and growing: Obamacare waivers 

Conservative Hideout 2.0 -- What is the debt ceiling debate about?

Conservative Perspective -- Happy birthday Israel - Israel wave your flag

Creative Minority Report -- Awww. Obama's soo cute quoting the bible 

DeanO -- Today's political cartoon 

Down Under on the Right Side -- I'm sure it was gay porn

Economy Politics -- Jobless Claims drop but we still have over 400,000 jobless every week 

Eye of Polyphemus -- Waiting for the big boom 

Fuzzy Logic -- Fuzzy Faux news: central planning/unintended consequences

Generational Dysfunction -- The siren's call 

Greg Mankiw's Blog -- Evaluating ARRA

Hack Wilson -- Video collection of awesome national anthems and flyovers -- Religion of peace attacking Israel on three sides

innominatus -- Presidential numerology 

Jo-Joe Politico -- Ever the amateur 

Just a Conservative Girl -- Herman Cain on securing our borders, the debt ceiling, and the lack of leadership in Congress

Just an Artist -- Kitty vs Fly 

Left Coast Rebel -- Eliminate the elephant 

Let The Truth Be Known - Some of this & some of that 

Liberty At Stake -- Stuck on Keynesian stupid 

Lone Star Parson -- The sign of the bull 

Lonely is the Nights -- Irish tradition 

Maggie's Notebook -- Seal Team 6 helmet cams

Mind Numbed Robot -- MemeBusters - Bill Whittle 

Motivation Truth -- Governor Palin and Martha MacCallum discuss Common

Musings of a Vast Right-Winger -- Mexico's immigration law: Let's try it here at home

My Daily Trek -- Amnesty for illegals

NoOneofanyImport -- Time to offend a feminist

No Sheeples Here -- Obama's full of hot air 

Obama Cartoons -- Osama fish food

Pathetically Incorrect -- He's dead... And it's all Bush's fault!!!

Pedaling Fast & Trying To Keep Up -- Look what hatched!

Political Realities -- The myth of big oil subsidies

Proof Positive -- SNL on the least serious president in the history of the Republic

Pundit & Pundette -- Saturday reads 

Randy's Rountable -- 17 days later

Rational Nation USA -- Israel again under attack by Arabs bent on her destruction

Reaganite Republican -- Reaganite's Sunday funnies 

Right Klik -- Show me the money: John Boehner, "cut trillions," "debt ceiling hike without deep cuts would be arrogant"

Robbing America -- The President's consistent inconsistency

Self Evident Truths -- Fight of the Century: Keynes vs. Hayek round two 

Sentry Journal -- The Classic Liberal: The Mysterious Herman Cain

Shawsblog -- The poor quality of a college education 

Stop Marxism -- 'J Street' Rabbis keeping congregations barefoot and pregnant

The Audacity of Logic -- Quote of the year 

The Blog -- Achooooo!

The Born Again Americans -- Republic vs. Democracy 

The Camp of the Saints -- Piece Corps

The Catholic Knight -- Who is Herman Cain? 

The Conservative Diva -- PDS to the left and to the right

The Conservative Lady -- Obama to speak as Egypt's 'New Democracy' swells with hate

The Country Thinker -- A rags to riches story, socialist style

The Daley Gator -- Indiana as a police state? 

The Last Tradition -- Did the Associated Press skew a poll about Obama in favor of Democrats? 

The Libertarian Patriot -- Walter Block - Why Ron Paul can win in 2012

The Other McCain -- Newt? No problem.

The Malcontent -- Michelle Obama invites rapper to White House who called for the killing of cops and the burning of George W. Bush

The Observatorium -- Resistable force meets immovable object

The Scottcarp Dream -- Will Obama's energy policy sink him? 

The Wisdom of Soloman -- My thoughts on the passing of Osama Bin Laden

Theblogprof -- Poll: Americans Oppose raising the debt ceiling, 47% to 19%

They Say/We Say -- Meredith Baker is the latest thorn in the NY Times calling for expanding the disclosure act definitions

 TOTUS -- Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice! 

Trestin Meacham -- Cut workforce services

Tu Ne Cede Malis -- Social Justice, Population control, and fighting the myth which progressives perpetuate

Ubi Petrus Ibi Ecclesia -- Is America Satanophobic? 

Virtual Mirage - Bloody Mexico: Chapo Guzman 

Warning Signs -- The animal connection

We The People ... -- Picture of the day 

Welcome to House of Harkonnen -- Bin laden, Obama, and photogate

What Does The Prayer Really Say? -- Would a request for meatier sermons offend a priest? 

 Why I Am Catholic -- Because Blaise Pascal spoke truth to power like this

Woman Honor Thyself -- Obama quotes the bible 

Woodsterman -- Learn it ~ live it ... post it! 

Yankee Phil -- 25 manners kids need to know by age 9 

Zilla of the Resistance -- When family isn't good enough 

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