Sunday, May 22, 2011

Nutty News

First off I have to let you know that my links aren't going to be done til' Tuesday, partially because I wasn't feeling well for a few days due to my having an infection in my system (sorta womanly related).  I know that endometriosis can compromise your immune system so that may have played a part in my getting an infection.

As I looked trough the news on the internet the news was soooo sad that I couldn't help but laugh at all the craziness in the news.  I shook my head in disbelief at some of the news.  First, we have a newborn baby who survived after being thrown down a trash chute. The surviving part is great! A miracle! But WTH?  The mother threw her baby son down the trash chute, as if her child was considered garbage.  The decline in morality and ethics in our country ticks me off so bad.  Some people are just not meant to be mothers.  Thank goodness a maintenance supervisor found the baby.  Then we have a crazy woman who threatened Dairy Queen employees with a grenade.  O.K. she was homeless and the grenade was not real but the employees thought that it was real.  That must have been scary.  She was obviously at least a little cuckoo and needs help. Or she could have done this stunt for food and shelter?  I wonder what each of us would resort to if we were homeless?

Then in Lithuania we have a priest who was set on fire by a man during Mass. What is this world coming to?  Trying to burn a priest while he was celebrating Mass.  That is outrageous!!  And there's more.... There was a woman in Louisville, KY who drew a sword while she was in the middle of an argument at Pizza Hut.

In England a doctor talked to his patient about Jesus and suggested that his patient might find solace in Christianity.  The doctor has been threatened with a warning by his professional body for discussing Jesus with a patient.  I don't know what the guidelines are in the U.K. but his being reprimanded is absurd since the doctor carried out a thorough and lengthy consultation.  My doctor and I talk about Jesus and prayer so I don't find this as crossing the line.  Plus, they talked over other avenues of help as well. More on the story here.  

The Other McCain takes note of Mitch Daniels not running for President.  I am thankful that Mitch isn't running.  Plus, he mentions that the momentum is with Herman Cain even though the pundits don't think he has a chance of winning the nomination.  Prove those eliticraps wrong Mr. Cain.  Then Stacy has the latest gossip on the host squabbles within Fox News which has pinned Hannity vs. Beck and O' Reilly.   Some men just have to resort to acting like teenage boys.  Teenage rivalry?  Come on boys... We don't need conflict amongst conservatives when we need to focus on one thing, and one thing only - making sure that Obama is NOT reelected to a second-term.  That would be really bad, a huge mistake.

Have a great week everyone!

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