Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Economic Cost of Abortion

Abortion is not only a moral issue but is also an economic issue.   Abortion is murder. But looking beyond the immorality of abortion now let's take a look at the economic implications of abortions.  According to the statistics from 1973 to 2005 there have been at least 40,463,050 abortions performed since the Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade, when abortion was legalized.  For the purpose of taking into account accidents, diseases, and miscarriages that may have caused a certain number of deaths let's subtract 10 percent of these lives from the total amount that were aborted.  So if you subtract 4,046,305 from 40,463,050 you get 36,416,745.  Taking into account possible deaths from accidents etc. from 1973 - 1993 there were at least 20,754,095 abortions.  People who would have been born from 1973 to 1993 would be paying into the system today.  First, try and imagine 20,754,095 Americans being added to our population.  Then think about how it would be if these 20 million people were contributing to Social Security, and paying both State and Federal taxes.  Do you think we would have economic problems as severe as those we have now with the deficit, national debt, with the future funding of Social Security if we had an additional 20 million people paying into the system?

This is how abortion is destroying America:

Try and Imagine if 60 of the largest populated cities were wiped out from a nuclear war.  That is exactly the number of people that the United States has lost to the abortion industry.  Look here

Here is a very worthwhile video on the cost of abortion.  The video is about an hour in length but is extremely well done.  I suggest you grab a snack and a beverage before watching the video.  

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