Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Questions for Obamacare Supporters: The Challenge Posed to Liberals by the Baby Joseph Dilemma

Questions for liberals: First, I would like to ask if a relative or friend of yours was dying would you like to spend as much time with that person as possible or would you rather his/her's death be sped up because of a hospital's refusal to help aid that person medically and refusal to give that person the means to live as long as possible?   Second, should a parent be in control of their child's health care or should a medical professional and a hospital be able to decide what is right for your child?

Has everyone heard of Baby Joseph?  If not, he is a 13-month-old-baby who has a fatal progressive neurodegenerative disease and is laying in a hospital bed in Canada waiting to go home. His parents have requested that he be able to live out his final days at home but the hospital has refused to honor their request.  Baby Joseph's parents want to bring him home to die, but to do so he must be removed from his ventilator and given a tracheostomy but there's one major catch the Ontario hospital is refusing to do a tracheostomy.  In addition, the Ontario hospital is refusing to release his medical records.  Baby Joseph's parents, the Maraachli’s, want him to be transferred to an American hospital so the tracheostomy can be done but American hospitals are refusing to accept Baby Joseph because the Canadian hospital is refusing to release his medical records.  It seems now that the hospital is changing its tune and claiming it was always willing to let Baby Joseph go home - but with one catch - without a tracheostomy this would mean that he would suffocate to death.  Baby Joseph would die quickly without the hospital being willing to do a tracheostomy, we're talking at most days versus about six months with having the tracheostomy.  Being forced to suffocate to death kind of sounds like euthanasia to me.  

From the National Catholic Register:

"Family spokesman Dan Sanserone says this simply is untrue. “No one in the family knows anything about an offer to let him come home.”
"Sanserone’s own daughter is cognitively disabled and he has championed the cause of families like the Maraachlis for a decade as they fight medical professionals for control of their loved ones’ care.
Sanserone has studied medical outcomes in the U.S. and Canada and reached a disturbing conclusion. “Someone with my daughter’s disabilities is four to 10 times likelier to survive in the U.S.”
In Canada generally, he says, there is a trend “to strip the human rights of the cognitively disabled. It is spreading like a disease putting at risk anyone who isn’t contributing much to the GDP.”

Remember Rep. Alan "Die Quickly" Grayson? Oh, I thought Republicans wanted the sick to die quickly!   But this is a government run health care system similar to that of Obamacare so this is more evidence that Grayson is off his rocker and lied through his teeth when he made this sickening false claim against Republicans. 

Questions for liberals: Do those who support Obamacare think that this type of dilemma won't happen in the U.S.?  Do you think that worse rationing than we have now can't possibly happen under Obamacare?  Or aren't these types of issues important to you?  

It is outrageous that not even one hospital in the United States has been willing to help out Baby Joseph!  It is extremely sad that not one hospital in America has stepped forward to accept and help this Little One even without his medical records.  Its not like Baby Joseph's case hasn't been publicized and they don't know what he needs. In one of my posts on my other blog I challenged any CHA hospital and Sr. Keehan to please do the right thing and put their money and faith where there mouth is.  Yes, this is the nun that lied about abortion supposedly not being covered in Obamacare.  This is the same nun who gave "legitimacy" to those so called pro-life Democrats so that they would vote for the Affordable Care Act when she refused to listen to and heed the authority of the Bishops on the matter of health care and abortion.  

Here is a video of Baby Joseph which shows proof that he is NOT in a vegetative state as this Canadian hospital claims (or claimed at one time). 

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