Friday, March 18, 2011

Wisconsin Public Sector Unions: Separating Fact From Fiction

Here is Governor Walker answering some tough questions:

Guess who Scott Walker's role model is?  None other than Ronald Reagan.  I tell ya, I really like this guy. He says that Reagan made the tough choices when it came to his firing more than 11,000 air traffic controllers who ignored Reagan's orders to get back to work.   Walker said he is prepared to follow in President Reagan's footsteps for as long as he is in office. Gov. Walker realizes that the stakes are high, just as they were back in 1981 when Reagan made bold and difficult decisions.

Unfortunately, Gov. Scott Walker and the rest of the GOP in Wisconsin have hit a bump in the road.  Judge Maryann Sumi has blocked the new law from going into effect.  Judge Sumi, who is a Democrat liberal activist judge, issued the injunction because she thinks that the legislative committee was required to give 24- hours notice which is required during the regular legislative session. But, this bill was not voted on or signed into law during the regular session but in fact during the special legislative session, where giving 24-hour notice is not a requirement.  These Democrats are unbelievable!  First, they run away and refuse to do their jobs and now they had the district attorney, who is a Democrat, file a lawsuit to stop the law.  These irresponsible fleebaggers didn't leave the GOP much choice.  The GOP gave the Democrats every opportunity to return but the Dems decided to take the low road.  What a bunch of cowards!  If the public sector unions had been willing to compromise instead of demanding lavish pay and benefits for the past 30 years or so then Gov. Walker and other Republican governors wouldn't have been faced with massive budget deficits, and forced to make huge budget cuts which includes limiting the unions so-called collective bargaining rights.  I have a feeling that Gov. Walker will prevail in this battle. 

Now, let's separate fact from fiction with regards to the Wisconsin protester's claims. 

Taxpayers have had enough and are not willing to pay for public sector employees excessive benefits and salaries any more. The unions need to contribute more to their benefits, just like those of us in the private sector do.  

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