Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Voyagers!: I Wish We Had TV Shows Like This Today

As of late, I have been thinking about old television shows. Do you remember when most T.V. shows that were on television were wholesome, promoted ethical values, didn't have an anti-American slant, and didn't promote a political agenda? My husband and I began to make a list of old TV shows which we enjoyed watching while growing up. Do you remember any of these: Voyagers!, The Electric Company, Picture Pages, Captain Kangaroo, Chips, Emergency!, Little House on the Prairie, The Waltons, Walker Texas Ranger, The Brady Bunch, The Incredible Hulk, Lassie, Fat Albert, Great Space Coaster, Barney Miller, Good Times, and What's Happening!! ? Wouldn't it be nice if we had T.V. shows like this today that didn't propagandize kids?  Some of these were reruns when I was growing up.  Having shows that teach good morals is especially important for children today. What were some of your favorite T.V. shows growing up?

Here are a few shows from the past:

Great Space Coaster:

Picture Pages with Bill Cosby:

Here is full episode of the show Voyagers!:

There is a little bit of overlap with the videos so you can skip to about the 4 minute mark to continue watching the show.

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