Sunday, April 17, 2011

EAGLE FREEDOM LINKS: 4-17-11 - Baseball Edition


American Perspective posts 24 signs of nursing home abuse and neglect

 Amusing Bunni's Musings asks Which side are you on? 

Atlas Shrugs posts 911 human remains: "Who owns the dead?" 

 40 Days For Life London Blog posts Archbishop Charles Chaput's wise words 

It Don't Make Sense posts Why it's called the death penalty 

A Catholic View posts on St. Damien de Veuster 

A Conservative Teacher says USA is wrong 58.5% of Americans have jobs, not 45.4% as reported

A Western Heart posts Those heartless Israelis 

Abigail and Dolley posts Israel's faithful generation 

Adrienne's Corner posts The Mendacity of Obama

Allied Liberty News posts The Midas Touch 

Always On Watch shows us Political mental illness 

America! Oh How We'll Miss You! posts In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act 

Another Black Conservative posts ZZZZZ! Biden caught napping during Obama's speech 

BBCW posts Complain about the TSA, you might be considered a terrorist

Beers With Demo posts When policy isn't 

Blowing San #1 posts On Catholic discouragement with the 2011 budget

Bluegrass Pundit posts Liberals are getting nervous. PBS calls for repeal of "natural born" constitutional requirement. 

Bluepitbull posts Sanchez beats the sh*t out of straw man in a typical Loretta passive/aggressive fashion

Barking Spider posts Islam and multiculturalism in France 

Bread Upon the Waters shows us Psalm 130 - Martha 

Bonsai From the Right posts Tea Party ad delivers knockout to Obama 

Bruce Political Watch posts 5000 non-citizens voting in Colorado a 'wake up call' for states

Can We Keep Our Republic? posts Union greed, government incompetence and a few facts 

Catholic Once Again posts Yes, Virginia, Easter really is a Christian holiday 

Cmblake6's Weblog posts A little history, re: gun control 

Commentarama asks When is a coyote not a coyote? 

Common Cents shows Sarah Palin addresses a tax day rally in Madison, WI 

Conservative Scalawag posts The law of unintended consequences 

Conservative Hideout 2.0 posts Tea Party in Wisconsin: it ought to be interesting

Creative Minority Report posts Steve the pig. An American saga. 

Conservatives On Fire posts Guest Saturday with my tea party chronicle 

Conservative Perspective posts What do those initials stand for? 'Reason' shows us 47 ways to say "IRS"

Deacon For Life posts Day 39: "I'm keeping my baby" 

DeanO posts Today's political cartoon

Diary of a Right Wing Loving Pussycat posts This from Ronald Reagan's budget man

Domine, da mihi hanc aquam! posts Coffee bowl browsing 

Fleeceme posts Effect then cause - the key to the progressive strategy for America 

Fuzzy Logic posts Fuzzy's Faux news: rebelling against the "hippie fossil culture"

Generational Dysfunction posts A government of the people 

Greg Mankiw's Blog posts No grand bargain on the horizon 

Hack Wilson posts The States overrules the parent in modern day America

Holy Coast posts Government jobs programs destroy jobs

Innominatus posts I'mma let ya finish 

Jo-Joe Politico posts Raise the debt ceiling - we can afford it! Sure we can!

Just a Conservative Girl posts Conservative principles Vs. progressive principles 

Journey of a Mercedarian Pilgrim posts Inner fire - Intimacy with God 

Just An Artist shows us the Strict carnivore 

Landshark 5150 posts Today is the 150th anniversary of the bombardment of Fort Sumter

Left Coast Rebel posts Jesse Jackson Jr. thinks ipad, not liberal policies are killing American jobs

Let The Truth Be Known posts Garbage in, garbage out 

Legal Insurrection posts The Fogel family murderers captured

Liberty at Stake posts Quickie Analysis: Barry's big deficit speech 

Lone Star Parson posts Exterminate!

Maggie's Notebook posts Father Michael Pfleger thinks Obama is corrupted: Can power corrupt blacks?

Mind Numbed Robot posts From the mail bag...

Mindless and Spineless posts Salary caps don't apply to Obama's friends

Motivation Truth posts Governor Palin shares her faith testimony

My Daily Trek posts Boehner crumples and Obama stayed strong

Musings of a Vast Right-Winger posts Islam 101- license to rape, torture, kill, kidnap, steal, extort, persecute and much more 

My Photography posts Moon images and imaginings 

New Zeal posts Andrew Breitbart to union thugs "Go to hell!" 

Nikon Sniper shows us a Rocky Mountain sundown

No Sheeples Here posts The lamentations of America's spoiled child emperor 

Obama Cartoons posts Burning Koran 

Pathetically Incorrect says WOW Wisconsin 

Pedaling Fast & Trying To Keep Up posts Can't wait for Wednesday nights

Political Realities posts President Obama's deficit reduction plan - raise taxes 

Proof Positive posts "Wars that were unpaid for" 

Pundit & Pundette posts Obama refuses to defund czars, flips on signing statements

Randy's Roundtable posts More proof Boehner got rolled 

Random Musings By Cliff posts Lewis & Clark, peace through superior firepower

Reaganite Republican posts Trump's plan to ride the birther issue right to the US presidency 

Robbing America asks Why isn't Obama laughed out of town by the people? 

Self Evident Truths posts On civil liberties and morality 

Sentry Journal posts Late Friday night ramblings: Trump 

Shawsblog asks Has U.S. and NATO given up in Libya? 

The Audacity of Logic posts Civil War Anniversary -- Are we still a nation divided? 

The Blog posts Cubular news 

The Born Again Americans posts Not to be confused with "girls gone wild" 

The Busted Nut posts F*ing seriously? Spring spheres?

The Catholic Knight posts A new constitutional convention!!!!

 The Conservative Lady posts Hillary hosts Islamic world forum in DC this week 

The Camp of the Saints gives us Rule 5 news 

The Country Thinker posts The President's budget speech and his breach of the social compact

The Daley Gator posts Senator Grassley has damning documents on Obama's stimulus-funded gunrunner project 

The Libertarian Patriot posts Rand schools congressional committee on Rand 

The Last Tradition posts Herman Cain gives rousing speech at tax day rally: We need some 'altering & abolishing' 

The Malcontent posts TSA security guard pats down a 6 year old little girl

The Observatorium posts Heresy: The latest cottage industry 

The OH, Bama Files posts Afghanis idea of a fireside chat

The Other McCain posts Oh, my goodness: Jesse Jackson accused of sexually harassing gay staffer? 

The Right Guy posts Lindsay Graham: Jackass 

The Wisdom of Soloman posts Fox News Channel and Glenn Beck "agree to divorce" 

 The Scottcarp Dream posts Holder lets a big one get away

Theblogprof posts The 'new civility': Bill Maher jokes about a wall collapsing on Eric Cantor and Michele Bachmann 

TOTUS posts Budget time and the Kenyan dung beetle 

Trestin Meacham posts on Population control 

Tu Ne Cede Malis posts Stabat Mater Dolorosa 

Virtual Mirage posts More czars to come?

Vox Popoli asks Why do atheists love killing people? 

We The People posts the Toon of the Day 

What Does The Prayer Really Say? posts US castigates Holy See over "family planning" 

 Why I Am Catholic posts Because my boys needed to know about Hildegard of Bingen

Woman Honor Thyself posts Arab children: born to kill? 

Woodsterman says Happy tea party tax day! 

Zilla of the Resistance says It's National tell Congress to impeach Obama day!

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