Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Rubber Backbone Award Goes To . . .

There are times when compromise is good and times when compromise is bad.  When compromising occurs one must not abandon principles, they must not push principles to the side like leftover scraps.
After coming home last night from spending a nice evening at the movies I was surprised to find out that the Republicans and Democrats had struck a budget deal. Did the GOP wave the white flag and surrender just like General Robert E. Lee did on this date in 1865?  It seems like we got a mixed-bag where some deals the GOP made were good, and some of the items the GOP caved on.

Well, let's see here... The budget is only $1.049 trillion for the remainder of 2011 fiscal year.  This is ONLY $39 billion less than last year. This country is so close to bankruptcy we are about to fall off of the cliff and this congress is so utterly incompetent and complacent that they think cutting a measley $39 billion is "historic" as Sen. Reid stated.  These cuts are just a drop in the bucket. Congress needs to reverse course on their fiscally insane spending policies and make the tough calls needed in order to save this country from going bankrupt.  Military spending may even be able to be reduced instead of increased from last year's budget.

These jelly fish lacking a spine Congressman caved on eliminating funding to both Planned Parenthood and NPR.  The GOP should have held firm on these two items.  We need to stop letting these radicals who are so in love with abortive infanticide make us play along in their deceitful word games and start calling things exactly what they are so from now on I will be referring to Planned Parenthood as Planned Killerhood.  If NPR really wants to be considered a successful business instead of a news group filled with Left-wing extremists who are reliant on government assistance and can't hack it in the real world then they should refuse to accept money from the taxpayers immediately.  There is absolutely no reason, when this country is on the brink of financial insolvemcy, that the taxpayers should be funding NPR.

The GOP dropped provisions that would have barred the EPA from regulating greenhouse gases and the FCC from implementing "net neutrality" rules.

This is simply inexcusable.  The GOP leadership are a bunch of cowards.  They should have demanded that these provisions be included.

Here comes the good news.  There will be no funds used for the transfer of prisoners from Gitmo to the U.S. mainland.  This forces the Senate to take up or down votes on separate bills to stop funding for the health care law.  The budget deal also bans public funds from being used for abortions in Washington D.C. This re-establishes the school voucher program for low-income families in the District of Columbia.  This creates a mandate for the audit of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau which was created via the Dodd-Frank financial overhaul law.  

Once again, it's worth repeating, the GOP leadership are a bunch of cowards!  They have failed to lead and stand on principle at a time when it is very important.  The GOP leadership is given the rubber backbone award.

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