Friday, April 15, 2011

Racial Tensions Lead To Brutal Fights

From HAYWARD (CBS 5) – Police have stepped up patrols at Hayward High School following a string of brawls that may be tied to local gangs, some of the fights were recently caught on cell phone video.
Massive fights broke out last Thursday, and were followed up the next day after class. Video, which was posted on YouTube, suggests tensions between African-American and Latino students, with the possibility of a gang influence involved.
Students who spoke to CBS 5 Thursday said the violence isn’t that surprising at a school where gang colors are worn openly.

Here is the cell phone video of a fight: 

It seems like the school is not doing enough to prevent fights from taking place between African-American and Latino students.  The news report only mentioned that red and blue were prohibited from being worn but didn't say whether those colors are worn by the gangs or not.  The school is certainly not enforcing the dress code. Is this a turf war?  What could be reasons for these two ethnic groups fighting each other? After doing a bit of research I will be posting on possible reasons why gangs form.    

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