Sunday, April 10, 2011

See The Navy's Powerful New Laser Gun in Action

What was once relegated to video games has now become a reality.  The Navy successfully tested its new laser gun by hitting a moving target, a small boat.  This resulted in the boat catching fire.


"A futuristic laser mounted on a speeding cruiser successfully blasted a bobbing, weaving boat from the waters of the Pacific Ocean — the first test at sea of such a gun and a fresh milestone in the Navy’s quest to reoutfit the fleet with a host of laser weapons, the Navy announced Friday. [...]
"The test occurred Wednesday near San Nicholas Island, off the coast of Central California in the Pacific Ocean test range, from a laser gun mounted onto the deck of the Navy’s self-defense test ship, former USS Paul Foster.
"In a video of the event, the small boat can be seen catching fire and ultimately bursting into flames, a conflagration caused by the navy’s distant gun. Some details of the event were classified, including the exact range of the shot … ." 

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