Tuesday, April 19, 2011

U.S. Government Treats Koran as "Holy" and the Bible as "Trash" What?!?

This is despicable!! Our government should not be treating the Christian holy book, the bible, as if it was garbage that needed to be thrown out.  That shows an utter lack of respect for Christians and Christians holy book. The U.S. government had many options when deciding what to do with the bibles but yet they treat it as trash?  WTH??? Muslims are so "tolerant" that they won't allow another religious text or holy book to be handed out in the countries where they live, and if that had happened Muslims would have most likely turned to violence to express their discontent because their religious beliefs would have been challenged.  It is so absurd how our military is being forced to bow to Muslims intolerance.  We should not be accommodating Muslims intolerance.  We are supposed to be spreading principles of freedom and certain rights for individuals in the countries that we are helping and not aiding in the spread of their intolerance. The U.S. is not supposed to choose favorites with religious texts or religions. The constitution affords every person the right to freedom of religion and our government has no right to cherry pick which religion deserves special treatment and is holier, better, or more legitimate according to them.  We need to keep on speaking out against this intolerance being perpetrated against Christians or else there is a great chance that all of our religious rights will be stripped away before you know it.  Staying silent would essentially be aiding in the attacks against Christians. Silence is not an option. Freedom of speech and freedom of religion is essential to our Republic and must be defended.

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